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  1. Country Music Cowboy
  2. Feel My Heartbeat
  3. Just Like The River
  4. Could You Ever Fall In Love With This Guy
  5. At The End Of The Line
  6. Got To Get Outta' Here
  7. At A Place Called The Heartbreak Hotel
  8. Give My Regards To Destiny
  9. When I Get This Funny Feelin'
  10. All I Feel Like Playin' Is The Blues
  11. An Ode To Billy Ray Lee & Emmy Lou Ray
  12. Material Mind
  13. Right Or Wrong
  14. A New Brand Of Heartache
  15. Alternative Birthday Song
  16. But, How It Rains
  17. Cruisin' (Instrumental)
  18. Don't Do Sorrys Don't Do Goodbyes
  19. Don't Say You're Sorry
  20. Emerald Eyes (Instrumental)
  21. Forever & Ever
  22. Give A Little Love
  23. Goin' Out In A Blaze Of Glory
  24. Going Through Seasons
  25. Here We Go Again, Another Broken Heart
  26. Hush Don't You Cry
  27. I Had The Queen
  28. I Only Came To Paint The Sky
  29. I See It Right Within You
  30. I Was Looking For A Diamond
  31. I'D Do Anything For You
  32. I'Ll Tell You This, I'Ll Tell You That (Inst)
  33. I'M On The Blue Side Of A Heartache
  34. It Seems You'Ve Gone Underground
  35. It Should Be Illegal To Look Like That
  36. Its Not My Lucky Day
  37. Let's Go To Mexico
  38. Like The Wind
  39. Love Does'Nt Seem To Work Like That
  40. Mr Sad & Mr Blue
  41. Musiciand From Texas (Nashville Bound Train)
  42. No Way Of Knowing
  43. Not Anymore
  44. Overspent
  45. Pain & Persecution
  46. Pleased To Meet You How Do You Do
  47. Poor, Rich In Life
  48. Rainbows Were Always Watching Over You
  49. She's Got It
  50. Shine On Me, Shine On You
  51. So Tell Me Who's Cryin' Now
  52. Take A Little Time
  53. The Golden Gate
  54. The Jukebox Is Playin' A Different Tune
  55. The Silvery Moon
  56. Two Kids, One Wife, One Pet
  57. Una Dia Muy Tranquillo (Inst)
  58. What A Feeling It Was
  59. Where Would You Be Without Love
  60. You & I
  61. Headin' Back To Nashville
  62. A New Brand Of Heartache