About Burton

Burton Trent is the Recording Artist name of Martin Haywood who was born March 5th 1954 near Burton On Trent, Staffs, England. Emigrated to Brisbane, at age 12. Was an apprentice motor mechanic and also served 3 years in the Australian Artillery in the 1960/70's.

At 21 years old, left Brisbane and moved to New Zealand 26 years old, became a Professional Musician. Worked for Lion breweries mostly around pubs and hotels in Auckland main city.

Opened his own Talent agency in Auckland until c 87 and then took a flight returned to England. Worked doing clubs, pubs and hotels.

1990 moved to Spain and was 4 years in Lanzarote which is part of the Canary islands. Then moved to the mainland of Spain for a further 2 years and did all of the coastal holiday resorts playing 7 days a week.

Played with some really well known musicians in Spain from 60's pop groups and also did sound for them.

In 1996 decided to return to NZ via Nashville sang some James Taylor in a bar and had a look around Nashville.

Got an introduction to see a Music Producer in Nashville. Returned to New Zealand 1996, Has been recording Country Music since 2012.

Now is a Bonified World Class Musician Singer/Songwriter as well as a multi instrumentalist.

To date 2021 Martin has written over 70+ songs and Recorded them. Its been a wonderful journey doing music around the world He has met some lovely people. THANK YOU! To the people who like BURTON TRENT Music.